Battlegrounds Mobile India Mobile Latest Update For Rickshaw Zombie Mode (January 2021)


PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) is an online and trending game. A royal game developed by Battlegrounds Mobile India Corporation. It is subsidiary of the South Korean company Bluehole. Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the successful game in the fields. There are regular updates in the game according to the situations outside the world. This attracts many players to the game. This Battlegrounds Mobile India Mobile Update is available in both computers and mobile phones.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mobile Latest Update

There is an update in every month with new weapons, themes and backgrounds. The every update is fixing the bugs in the previous editions which making the game to stand first in the gaming field. In the last updated version there is a snow theme and Vikendi snow map which showed the footprint of the other players.

Now, it is time for the latest update which includes rickshaw, zombies and a new weapon called MK47 Mutant in the game. The latest update expected to be released on January 18th to 20th. Let’s see the details of these updates.

Battlegrounds Mobile India AutoRickshaw Mode - Tukshai
Battlegrounds Mobile India AutoRickshaw Mode – Tukshai

Rickshaw Zombie Modes On Battlegrounds Mobile India

Zombie mode:

The zombie mode in the game consists of the 98 zombies which the team have to fight. The team consists of strong players and cannot use any kind of weapons. The quality of members is only which can make the players to win the zombie mode.

Rickshaw mode:

There are many vehicles which are introduced in the previous version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This updated version of Battlegrounds Mobile India consists of a new vehicle called “Tukshai” which is auto rickshaw. This can be used in Sanhok map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombie Mode
Battlegrounds Mobile India Zombie Mode

New Weapon:

MK47 Mutant – The new weapon going to be introduced in this Battlegrounds Mobile India updated version. This weapon used to burst the fire modes with a 7.62 mm assault rifle attached. The updated weapon has a laser light which used in the battlegrounds to reduce the bullet deviation in the target-aiming and hip-fire. Going to have a 20 round magazine.

Features Of Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest Version

Death Cam:

The new death cam feature in the updated Battlegrounds Mobile India shows you a replay of how you have dead in the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Death Cam Mode
Battlegrounds Mobile India Death Cam Mode

Classic voices:

The updated Battlegrounds Mobile India will also have classic voices which we can select the voice in the quick chat settings.

The new version will also have the additional features like allowing snow bike in the Vikendi map and more dance emotes.

PlayersUnknown Battleground Updates On Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India a game which is attracted by many players which can be played in the mobile phones and in your computers. The Battlegrounds Mobile India updated version going to come in this January. So, download it and enjoy your gaming experience.


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